Choosing a Good Gas Siphon

The thought of siphoning gas out of a truck or car’s gas tank pops up an ugly picture in their mind. This imagination involves sucking a long tube which has one end submerged into their car’s fuel filler hole with the hope of getting the tube into a bucket just before it enters their mouth. Although this method has been in existence for a long period and surely works, it’s not a safe method and is not clean. We know that fuel is combustible and a spark of fire can do serious damage, so it’s best always to consider safety first. A simple tube siphon could work, but you can cause a fire hazard from spilling gas all over the place. This is why a proper manual pump is recommended. Opt for one of these manual pumps which are approved for liquids that are combustible like fuel (gasoline). You would probably find one at any auto parts store, but remember to go for the one which is combustibles approved seeing as many of these siphon pumps are not good for fuel. Also, try to avoid those cheap versions which require a bulb to begin the siphon process.