“1990 Acura Legend” by Kentaro Matsui. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

2. Acura Legend – Japan 1986 to 1990

The Acura Legend was the first “Acura” (the high-end division of Honda automobiles) sold sedan car. It paved the way for Japanese autos in the U.S luxury car market. With its success after fiercely competing with American and British luxury auto manufacturers saw other Japanese companies launch new brands for their luxury car lines including Nissan who launched Infinity autos and Toyota with Lexus. Today, the Japanese luxury cars have carved a name for themselves all thanks to Acura. This legendary Acura sedan was launched in the Japanese market in the year 1986 and a year later was released into the North American markets. The car was powered by a 151 hp and had a C25A V6 engine. The company started production of the coupe models with larger engines the next year. The car had a top speed of 135mph and could reach 60 mph from 0 in just 8 seconds.