<> on February 2, 2015 in Mountain View, California.


Exactly who invented the first automobile is a difficult questions to answer and comes down to a matter of opinion.  The most popular answer to this is Karl Benz from Germany in 1885/1886. If only he could see how far technology has advanced since then and to think how it will change in the coming years when the Government alongside the car industry are planning to invest millions towards areas such as driverless cars.  How exciting I hear you say……..well maybe?! True driving enthusiasts may beg to differ and the reality of what a driverless car can and can’t give you may just burst your bubble! I’m not sure some of the current designs will float anyones boat in desirability and certainly need inspiration……..especially if they look like this!


Some may believe that this technology is not so much a necessity, but the need to prove that the industry simply can produce a highly desirable form of transport that takes the joy……errmmm……..monotomy out of driving.

Driverless cars are a very real thing so let’s take a look at the top ten things they just won’t give you.