Most often than not we associate investment bankers, politicians, movie stars and celebrities in general with all the good things of life, from wallets bursting with currencies, monies stockpiled in accounts and fancy houses. This is true in most cases as many millionaires are lavish spenders splashing their cash on whatever tickles their fancy. You know those larger than life houses with lots of empty rooms, designer clothes and shoes, private resorts and Islands and that flamboyant display of financial success – exotic cars.

It’s an easy bet that you most probably have come across a good number of Corvettes, Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Bentleys if you have gone through articles exploring celebrity garages and driveways. However, you would be learning that not every stinking rich celebrity follows the trend of having a supercar. In fact, many seriously-wealthy celebrities prefer driving their dirt cheap cars. Who knows if that’s the secret to being rich? After all, the work of the car is ease movement from one point to another. Here’s a list of 10 super-rich celebrities who you may regard to as ‘stingy’ for their choice of car.